is an online platform where Iranian Immigration Lawyers & Consultants (with & without a website) can create a profile and advertise their business to generate more leads.

    • Audience: A lot of people immigrating to your city/state – search online
    • Exclusive: 5 Lawyers/state limit (except CA)
      • First Come, First Served!
    • Marketing: We advertise online & offline
      • Instagram in 2024 (TBD)
      • Magazines in 2023
      • Music Radio in 2022

The Why?

We created the largest Farsi Speaking Immigration Lawyer & Consultant directory in order to help the Iranian community flourish in North America by providing a platform where customers can connect to Immigration Lawyers & Consultants who speak their language, know their culture, better understand their needs, in order to help them make better decisions in one of their life’s biggest Decisions.

  • People prefer to work with people that speak their language & whom they can trust!
  • They prefer an Immigration Lawyer & Consultant that speaks their language (Persian/Farsi) and knows their culture! Someone that they can trust & connect with better!
  • Immigration is usually one of the people’s biggest decisions within their lifetime! Therefore people prefer to work with Immigration Lawyers & Consultants with the same culture, background & taste…