Mehran Fardis in San Diego

Mehran was born in Iran. At a very young age, he witnessed a senseless war, and grave injustice that comes with chaos of war, and a revolutionary system that allowed for no freedom of expression, choice, or speak. Mehran was sent to Germany at age 12 to find a better future away from war and chaos of his homeland.

His parents could not accompany him, so he embarked on the journey alone. After finishing the gymnasiale oberstufe in Köln (Cologne), he went on to study medicine, only to find that his passion lie elsewhere. Once in U.S., Mehran realized social justice, being of service to others, and enhancing the community are values he cares about most.

Soon after receiving his B.S. in Business from San Jose State University, Mehran started his own business. While running his business, Mehran attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, to receive his J.D. After getting licensed in California, Mehran spent much of his time providing Pro bono legal help at Justice and Diversity Center, which is a branch of the San Francisco Bar Association. There, he focused on helping tenants remain in their homes, and successfully assisted many San Franciscans find ways to not be evicted.

Mehran also spent substantial amount of time helping the immigrant community with immigration related legal matters. Being an immigrant himself, he knows all too well the challenges immigrants face, and the minute intricacies of the immigration system. “Immigrants are a particularly vulnerable segment of the society, because many of them do not have legal rights to defend themselves in day to day interactions of life, and I have made it a cornerstone of my practice, to relentlessly help the immigrant community.”

Furthermore, having run a business for many years, Mehran understand challenges, predicaments, and unforeseen events, that may cause a business to collapse, often to no fault of a business owner, or an individual. During difficult days of Covid-19, forced closure of many small business can have drastic effects on continuation of a business.

Mehran wants to help small business owners, and individuals who have to make the hard choice to proceed with bankruptcy, in a way to make the transition as easy, smooth, and effortless as possible. C.A.R.E. Law Group provides 100% online, and off site bankruptcy help, whereby clients do not need to come into the office not even once. These are difficult times of life, and Mehran understands this very well. He wants clients to spend time where it matters most to them, and not at a lawyer’s office, or in court.

“Giving back is not just a nice gesture, it is a duty incumbent upon all of us, who are privileged to live in this country as members of the community. Your well being is the most important factor for me, and not anything else. My pledge is outstanding communication, superb representation of your interests, delivering results, and taking care of you. This is not just a law firm, this is a group of individuals that deeply care about clients, and their interests.”


“After just two weeks of becoming a member, I’ve already secured my first client. I want to express my gratitude for your exceptional services, and I am eagerly anticipating even more positive outcomes in the future.”