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Attorney Ramona Kennedy: Your Dedicated Lawyer

When working with Attorney Ramona Kennedy, you will discover the exceptional legal services of Attorney Ramona Kennedy, a compassionate advocate dedicated to safeguarding your rights. With a track record of successful legal practice & amazing legal results, Attorney Kennedy stands out for her discipline, firm dedication, attention to detail & effective communication. Fluent in both English & Farsi (Persian), Ms Kennedy extends her services globally.

Global Immigration Representation

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is licensed to practice in California and is also a US Supreme Court Lawyer. She represents clients in all USA Embassies & USA Consulates worldwide alongside key agencies such as USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services), NVC (National Visa center) US Customs & Borders, all US Immigration Federal Courts across all US 50 states & all US territories. With strategically located law offices in Orange County (Irvine), Los Angeles (Los Angeles), & soon in Kern County (Lancaster), Attorney Kennedy is committed to serve you.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

You will Experience the difference with Attorney Ramona Kennedy, offering a Free Initial Consultation for a wide range of immigration areas:

  • Investment and Business Visas:

    • Eb5 (both Direct and Indirect)
    • Investor, Entrepreneur, Start-up
    • Investment in High Employment Areas
    • Investment in TEA (Targeted Employment Area)
    • Treaty Business Visas (E2)
    • L1, L (US Business Location) in all US 50 states
  • Other Immigrant or Nonimmigrant Visas:

    • Extraordinary Ability, Scientist, Academic Excellence
    • Athlete (Sport Visa), Artist (Eb1a, Eb1-b, Eb1-c, Eb2)
    • Physician Visas, Medical Doctor Visas
    • Family Petition Green Cards, Marriage (Both Citizens and Green Card holders)
    • Fiancé (K1, K3), Tourist Visas (B1-B2), Medical Visa (B2)
    • Student Visas (F1, F2), Research and Cultural Exchange (J, J1, J2) Visa
    • Naturalization (Citizenship)
  • Asylum and Humanitarian Visas:

    • Asylum Based on Political Opinion, Race, Religion (including all Conversion, Atheism, being Spiritual, Sufism, Christianity, Judaism & More), Social Group Membership
    • Convention Against Torture (CAT), SIV (Special Immigrant Visas), Religious Visas
    • Humanitarian Visas, Advance Parole, Reentry Permit, Travel Document, Work Permit
  • Criminal Immigration Representation:

    • Inadmissibility, Removability, Deportation
    • All Criminal Consequences for Immigrants Including Felony, Misdemeanor, Aggravated felony, Wobbler Offenses, Driving Under Influence (DUI),Crimes of Moral Turpitude
  • Waivers and Licenses:

    • Inadmissibility Waivers, Unlawful Presence Waivers (601, 601(a))
    • OFAC License, Specific License, Remove from Blocked List, Interpol Red Notice

Professional Present and Past Memberships

AILA (American Immigration Lawyer Association), ABA (American Bar Association), American Federalist Society, American Refugee Committee & The United Nations Association of the USA.

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