Shabnam Lotfi in Wisconsin

I started practicing immigration law when I met my husband, who was in the U.S. as an international student at the time. After we got married, I had to find a way to keep him here. I filed his green card petition, went through the immigration process with him, and attended a USCIS interview. Many of our friends were also international students, so I started helping them with their immigration issues, as well. Little by little, my practice grew. We now have hundreds of clients from all over the world.

In January 2017, when the travel ban was announced, I started a group called Immigrants United. We had 10,000 members in less than a week. Since its inception, I have used the group to bring awareness and knowledge to group members who are going through the immigration process. Through this group, I learned that the travel ban was being implemented unfairly, so in March 2018, I filed a federal lawsuit against its implementation.

It has been the joy of my life to work as an immigration attorney. I absolutely love the complexity of the law. I am passionate about advocating for immigration reform. I enjoy figuring out creative ways to help people achieve their immigration goals, and I would love to help you on your journey, as well.