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رامونا کندی دکترای حقوق از امریکا  وکیل در کالیفرنیا  تسلط کامل به زبان فارسی WHATSAPP & PHONE +1 (949) 677-0063 Attorney Ramona Kennedy: Your Dedicated Lawyer When working with Attorney Ramona Kennedy, you will discover the exceptional legal services of Attorney Ramona Kennedy, [...]

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Dr. Najmeh Mahmoudjafari: Your Trusted Hand in U.S. Immigration Law The founder and principal immigration attorney at ImmigraTrust Law, Dr. Najmeh Mahmoudjafari, Esq., is a recognized authority in immigration law. Her extensive experience, impressive array of awards, and a reputation for [...]

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As the founder of Safai Law APC, a full service immigration law firm. Sarvi Safai is well versed in matters related to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Executive Office of Immigration Review and the National Visa Center. Attorney Sarvi Safai was born in Orange County [...]

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Galorah Keshavarz As an immigrant herself, Galorah understands first hand, the obstacles families face in order to migrate to the United States. As a caring and relentless advocate for you and your family, Galorah not only provides superior legal services with an overwhelming attention to [...]

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Mehran was born in Iran. At a very young age, he witnessed a senseless war, and grave injustice that comes with chaos of war, and a revolutionary system that allowed for no freedom of expression, choice, or speak. Mehran was sent to Germany at age 12 to find a better future away from war and [...]

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Mrs. Amirghahari has earned a Master Degree in taxation (LL.M.) in addition to her Juris Doctorate. Attorney Amirghahari is authorized to practice law in the State of California and the various Federal Courts in the US including the US District Court and the U.S. Tax Court. Mrs. Amirghahari is [...]

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Monica Ganjoo, the owner of Ganjoo Law Corporation, graduated from Indiana University with honors in 1996. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, and an outside concentration in British Literature. Monica graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law in [...]

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