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رامونا کندی دکترای حقوق از امریکا  وکیل در کالیفرنیا  تسلط کامل به زبان فارسی WHATSAPP & PHONE +1 (949) 677-0063 Attorney Ramona Kennedy: Your Dedicated Lawyer When working with Attorney Ramona Kennedy, you will discover the exceptional legal services of Attorney Ramona Kennedy, [...]

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Alen Takhsh established Takhsh Law P.C. in 2011 on the principle of providing compassionate legal counsel to those facing both straightforward and complex immigration issues. His practice is devoted to understanding the clients’ aspirations and seeing that their dreams of legally living, [...]

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Ashoori Law is a U.S. immigration law firm focused on employment-based, business, and investment immigration. Our attorneys have extensive legal experience and we believe in delivering exceptional customer service to our clients worldwide. We have a deep understanding of complex U.S. [...]

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Attorney Mana Yegani is an experienced immigration lawyer who stands up for the liberty and protection of immigrants, foreign nationals, and their families through well thought-out and measured approaches. Attorney Yegani is a thorough, detail-oriented lawyer, which allows her to be [...]

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At Ghazi Law Group, APLC, we listen to your Immigration needs and questions and use all resources available to assist you in reaching your desired goals. We are on your side step-by-step of the entire process and give you personal attention throughout your case. Our team consists of individuals [...]

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Reza Athari is a member of the California bar and an international lawyer. He practiced law outside the United States prior to admission to the California bar in 1996. His total practice as an attorney exceeds 25 years. Mr. Athari's passion is immigration law. This passion has allowed Mr. [...]

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